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About the Artist - Billie-Jean Bertoli


I was born and brought up in Africa. I grew up on a farm in a rural valley in south east Africa, (Swaziland), where my days were filled with freedom and wonder. My father started off his career as a Game Ranger for Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, in the eastern part of South Africa, near the Kruger Park, so we grew up with hearing heart pounding tales of the bush (and we even had a few, ourselves). Dad taught us to develop a 6th sense in nature, with a “look to see” and “listen to hear” perspective.  In the bush these techniques can save your life, although our dog, Jessie, who accompanied us everywhere, understood these things and did the real work for us.  My mother  is Zimbabwean, a teacher, having taught children in several African countries. Mum home schooled us, for several years, on our farm, until we grew, wound up in South Africa, and eventually Europe.


My African childhood was about as perfect as a childhood could be (at least in my memory!) But then life takes it’s course, and the journey, so far, has taken me across six continents, through villages, towns, cities, and eventually, to California.


My art is about these experiences:  about the beauty of wild animals. About the quiet dignity and gentleness of people I’ve met in far flung villages. About beautiful places that have a feeling of peace about them. Thank you for sharing them.


Paint Peaceful

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